Face Morph - Part 1, Morphin' George


Unlike Grant Skinner's gooify, which is a free-form distortion, the morph presented here is more constrained. It has an editable triangle mesh

(which I'm not showing right now).

Replacement image.

Part 2 will allow the user to edit the morph.

Part 3 will work with the webcam and images on the user's hard drive.

Part 4 will morph between people.

I think this has some really cool possibilities -- practical applications -- even non-morphing applications.

So come back soon...


nice work! .:)

Hey dude have you thought photo booth? Is this as3...cause you could pussh a png off to the server...and make a cool photobooth app :o) Ive been think about it for a while now...would be cool.

What's photobooth?

This is an AS2, Flash8 swf. I've got some related ideas that I'm sure will need the speed of AS3, so I'll be porting it soon.